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5 Best Ways To Avoid Breaking Your Lease

  It is very important to avoid breaking your lease as much as you could. Sometimes life puts you in unexpected situations that automatically change your plan in life, including forcing you to break your lease agreement. It is recommended that you know your options and then talk to the owner or lessor of the house. If you have a problem with the apartment, talk…

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How can I break my California rental lease?

Breaking your California rental lease is not different than in any other state. Simply said, your lease is a legal contract that you had signed and should you decide to break it, then you’d have pay your landlord a lease break fee, as stated in your leasing agreement.   Is it smart to break your lease? Giving up and paying your landlord the lease break fee…

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Watch Our VIDEO: How to get out of lease

Breaking an apartment lease may be very costly.  Finding a replacement tenant may be quite difficult.  Hiring a professional and affordable company may be the best solution to this problem. We can find you a replacement tenant within 14 business days – all stress free!

Can I Break the Lease Before Moving In

When someone applied, got approved and signed the leasing agreement, it means they are seriously ready to start moving into their new apartment. However, sometimes plans change and at that time you seek on breaking a lease before move-in. Usually the reasons are legitimate, such as, job transfer, family emergency or that you found out  something horrible about apartment complex or the landlord that changed your…

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Is burglary a legitimate reason to break the lease?

The very first thing that comes to mind of every renter who happens to be victim of burglary is “I’m getting out of this neighborhood and breaking the lease. The law will be on my side”.  If you believe so, you are wrong.  In order to justify your apartment lease break, you need to take several steps.  Notify Apartment Management   It’s pertinent to immediately notify your…

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Pros and Cons of Month-to-Month Leases

Everyone can find pros and cons of month-to-month leases.  However, finding a landlord who would allow you to live on a month to month basis in apartment is somewhat difficult nowadays.  Many landlords prefer at least  a minimum of 6 month lease. Nevertheless, month to month lease has several nice benefits, but it also has some downside to it – it’s way more expensive. Pro:  You can…

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Screen tenants for your apartment | 1-800-895-2550

Before your lease can be transferred, you should have your leasing office screen tenants for your apartment.  Effective screening of potential tenant automatically reduces the chances of them ever defaulting on payments or damaging your apartment. If such precautions are properly handled beforehand, it will relieve all stress and headaches during the interim of the lease.  What does tenant screening involve? To screen tenants for your…

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Lease break due to job relocation in Florida

Florida is certainly a very finicky place in terms of tenant-landlord relationships. However, a lease break due to job relocation in Florida would not commit your landlord to simply let you off the hook for this reason.   Lease agreement is a legally binding document and in most cases you cannot simply break a lease for a purposes of a job relocation, unless you pay the…

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