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Find a replacement roommate to avoid lease break

Your friendship might end, but your roommate’s lease will certainly not.  However, my suggestion is to first try and work things out with your roommate.  There are many ways to negotiate with your roommate on many things, such as move out dates, security deposits, etc.  Never try to be hostile with your roommate just because he or she got another job and must move out…

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Broken Apartment Lease Can Affect My Credit Report

Some of you have already been in a situation when your landlord says to you “You must pay your apartment lease, as contracted or I will report you to the credit bureau”.  With that said, you understand that your landlord may have more power to do that since you signed the apartment lease. One thing you have to always remember is that if you sign any…

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Legitimate way on how to get out of lease

As stressed out as you are at this point, there are actually legitimate ways on how to get out of lease if you just continue following the advice listed below.

Apartment Lease Transfer in New York

Whether you’re in New York, Florida, California or any other US State, the apartment lease transfer is done the same way, more or less.  Basically, you have to refer to your lease agreement which describes the procedure for subletting or lease assignment.  Most landlords do not wish for their tenants to break the lease and leave them empty handed.  Even if the lease does not specifically…

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What you need to know about Sublease and Lease Assignment

Some of us use the meaning of “apartment subletting” whenever we actually want to refer to “apartment lease assignment” and vice versa. However, these are two different concepts, it’s important that everyone understands their difference. When you assign a lease, you move out permanently and a new tenant moves in for the remainder of the lease term. An assignment of a lease differs from a sublet. With a sublet, the…

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Can you break a lease when buying a house?

Many people think they can just break a lease when buying a house and walk away from this responsibility.  It is not true. Whenever you signed an agreement with you leasing office, that’s what you’re responsible for now. Can you break a lease when buying a house? There’s a huge misconception about whether or not you can break your lease due to some change of your…

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Lease breaks due to Job relocation in Wisconsin

Lease breaks due to job relocation happen a lot in Wisconsin.  Indian families are traditionally hardworking individuals, however, many of the Indian families come to Wisconsin for short term jobs, since industrial companies in the area like to hire qualified contractors for their short term work-related positions.  Many of the folks tend to sign 6 to 12 month leasing agreements. These so-called job related contracts sometimes…

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Breaking your apartment lease in NYC?

Breaking an apartment lease in NYC will cost you a lot of money. If you live in an apartment in New York City, your rent payment for a one bedroom could range anywhere from$1600 to a whopping $4000.  Unfortunately, the prices in NYC are thru the roof and everyone knows that. However, you don’t realize what you have gotten into until you have to move…

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