Blog Post Can you break a lease when buying a house?

Can you break a lease when buying a house?



Can you break a lease when buying a house?

Many people think they can just break a lease when buying a house and walk away from this responsibility.  It is not true. Whenever you signed an agreement with you leasing office, that’s what you’re responsible for now.
Can you break a lease when buying a house? There’s a huge misconception about whether or not you can break your lease due to some change of your life status or else. There’s usually no such excuse for breaking your lease, unless of course, you and the leasing office agreed to some special provision when the lease was signed, you’ll still be fully responsible for any and all charges noted in your lease, if you move out earlier due to home purchase.
Most often than not, your landlord will charge you a “reletting fee” should you decide to break your lease. This can get quite nasty for you, as your landlord can add additional charges that you were not aware of when you signed the lease.

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