Blog Post Do’s and Don’ts of Breaking Lease

Do’s and Don’ts of Breaking Lease



Do’s and Don’ts of Breaking Lease

Most folks nowadays resort to breaking a lease for various reasons: job change, marriage, or poor apartment conditions.  No many people know what their leasing agreement actually says, and never really delve into it upon initially signing it.  People just take many agreement clauses for granted and never know what situation they may end up in several months, way before their 12 month lease expires.
Let’s assume the most simplest of the situations. You live in NYC and you have signed a new lease for 12 months. You’re happy, but you know that you could always be happier. So, a new employer offers you a new job in Austin, TX with a very lucrative bonus and all the perks.  And you’ve only lived in your NYC apartment for a mere 3 months. You suddenly turn to your apartment’s leasing agreement and you read a clause that you’re not allowed to break your lease under any kind of circumstance and you must find a replacement tenant to transfer your current lease…
So, you’re in the state of panic and you don’t know how and where to find such a person who would take your current apartment for the next 9 months. You turn to your leasing office and they give you an attitude by simply saying that “it’s your responsibility to find someone to take over your lease”. This, of course, makes you even more frustrated. What’s your next plan of action? Hire a Real Estate agent who would charge you an ‘arm and a leg’ for finding a new tenant and getting them qualified? Maybe you should start advertising your apartment on your own, which would be really expensive and you would not want to deal with all the phone calls, spam emails and weird people showing up at your apartment?…Or would you rather hire a full service management company who handles it ALL professionally and guarantees to get you out of your lease within a 2-weeks time?  Sounds too good to be true?!  In fact, offers this outstanding service for the lowest cost possible with a full money-back guarantee.  For more information, check out the Take Over Lease FAQ page.

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