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You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers!

At TakeOverLease, we try to make sure the process is completely clear to our client(s). Please find the list of questions and answers most commonly asked by our clients. Should you have other questions not listed below, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-895-2550 or send us an email to help@takeoverlease.us.

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Do you work on Federal Holidays?

Our company observes all of the Federal Holidays. Therefore, we are closed and the following dates are excluded from the 14 business days timeframe. 

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King's Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Do you help people located only in a particular City or State?

Take Over Lease will help you no matter where you are located in the United States. We specialize in all parts of the country and will help you regardless of your geographical location.

How does your service fee compare with others?

TakeOverLease.us has the lowest fee in the industry. And we mean it.  

We guarantee that your landlord or your leasing office will demand that you pay at least 2 months rent to break your lease early.  We will help you save up to 80% and only charge you a fraction of the cost.  Our primary goal is to save you from wasting your money away.
However, other companies will charge you based on the following criteria:
  • Up to 12% of your Annual rent
  • Neighborhood ratings
  • Number of months left on your lease
We do not discriminate under any circumstances and that is our policy.
In the end, no one wants to overpay.  Our services are very dependable and results driven. Most importantly - very affordable.
    • One-time fee

      If your monthly rent is between $500 - $999, your one-time fee would be $379.

    • One-time fee

      If your monthly rent is between $1000 - $1999, your one-time fee would be $479

    • One-time fee

      If your monthly rent is between $2000 - $2999, your one-time fee would be $579

I don’t have money, how can I get the process started?

Absolutely! TakeOverLease.us offers a special NO Payments and NO Interest FINANCING if paid in full in 6 months. Simply choose Paypal CREDIT when you check out with PayPal.

Paypal CREDIT lets you pay in 2 simple steps – just enter your birth date and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number and accept the terms. Approval takes only seconds.

What if I find a tenant on my own or decide to cancel within 14 business days?

As soon as you hire us, we begin our paid top-notch online and offline marketing campaign to find you qualified tenant(s) to take over your lease.  Therefore, we encourage you to just sit back, relax and let us do all the leg work.

Although, if you happen to find someone on your own, or wish to simply cancel for any reason within the 14-business day interim period, we will still issue you a refund.
However, we will deduct an early cancellation fee equivalent of 20% from your fee originally paid to us. If you continue working with us past the 14 business days period and then end up finding someone on your own at anytime, then the 80% refund still applies.

Can I monitor how you market my property?

We are a professional full-service marketing and management company and we do everything within our power to property expose your property to targeted viewers.

Unfortunately, we do not reveal how and where we market properties, due to the unnecessary interference that have historically hindered our marketing campaigns from some of the existing customers.
We do not monitor nor do we prohibit existing customers from marketing their own property, if they wish to do so. However, we do have a policy in place requiring every customer to inform us if they officially found a replacement tenant on their own.  

What happens when client circumvents us?

We always work with all of our clients very diligently throughout the entire process.  There's never a reason for us NOT to issue a refund, unless a client does something completely unethical and we have proof of that.

If our agent/company has found a prospective tenant for our client and we sent him/her to a client directly or to the leasing office for the purpose of viewing and/or applying for the unit, then it is considered to be part of our service for our client.
If we tend to find out that our client is attempting to ignore us and/or circumvents us by dealing with our lead directly and therefore attempts to get a refund for service not rendered, we will immediately suspend all work with a client and provide legitimate proof.
Circumvention will not be tolerated under any circumstances and it will lead to a forfeiture of their deposit in full.    

Can I get a refund if my landlord found me a tenant?

Sometimes, our clients tend to hire us at the time when they've already submitted their 30-60 days notice to vacate.  It is perfectly fine with us.

However, if at any time during our active service (even after 14 business days), a landlord tends to find replacement tenant(s) for our client's unit, we must be notified immediately.
We will therefore cancel service and issue a refund of 80% back to our client's debit/credit card.  

What if roommate refuses to meet potential tenant(s)?

We get hired to bring you as many leads to your place as possible.  The more people come, the better chances of them applying and getting approved.

In a roommate situation, every lead visiting your apartment wants to at least meet the other roommate that they'll be sharing the space with, as soon as the lease is transferred.  Therefore, it's utterly important that your roommate is responsive and open to meeting our chosen leads.
If a roommate selectively meets some and refuses to meet others, it significantly hinders our efforts and diminishes the chances of finding someone to take over your lease.  In that case, we can only issue 50% of a refund based on all the work and costs attributed to advertising your apartment.

What happens if our agent is consistently getting wrong information from client?

After becoming our client, one of our dedicated agents phones a client for a 10-15 minute verification process, where our agent goes over all the details of the Questionnaire form submitted to us.

If client does not have some answers, we would request that it gets verified with their apartment complex or landlord within the next 24 hours, and then gets reported back to us.
Once our work is started and/or appointments are set and we find out that our leads are misled, due to the fact that the information that you (client) had provided is not correct, it means that our leads’ time has been wasted and our reputation damaged. Often times, we will give you another chance to validate the information with your leasing office and continue our work for you.
However, if our agents are continuously misled about the validity of information, then we may opt to cancel service with you and issue you a 50% refund due to inconsistency and wasted efforts on our part.

If tenant is not found, can I continue my service after 14 business days?

Yes, you can continue working with us.  If after 14 business days, no one has been found to take over your lease, service can continue indefinitely with no additional fees.

14 business days is an "average time-frame" to find a tenant for your apartment or a house.  Sometimes, it may take longer, depending on your rental specifics, location and other factors. Other times, our clients tend to hire us far in advance of their move out dates and therefore allow us to work past the timeframe, as they get close to their move-out.

Is there a bonus for referring you to my friends or family?

We will pay you $25 bonus for every referral that you make to TakeOverLease.us. The $25 payment is issued to you via Paypal, as soon as your referral fills out the questionnaire and makes a payment for our service.

How quickly can you find a tenant to take over my apartment lease?

Over the years, we have tuned sophisticated and highly targeted marketing techniques that are comprised of paid online and offline advertising campaigns, communication with local agents and an up-to-date database of hot leads.

If you were to do it all on your own, you would potentially be faced with personal stress, wasted time and recklessly spent budget without yield of any results.

Oftentimes, we are able to find tenants within 24-72 hours.  However, it also depends on factors such as client's availability for showings and landlord's timely processing of the applications.

Is the lease takeover a really tedious process?

No, lease takeover process will not be tedious for you.  However, we will put in a lot of work and hours into finding you the right tenant replacement.  That means, we will spend a lot of time on the phone with various type of prospective tenants, screening them for you and scheduling appointments to view your unit. 

How many parties are involved with a lease transfer?

Take Over Lease will be providing our professional guidance to the client until the lease is transferred.  However, there are usually three official parties involved with the lease transfer:

  • Leaseholder (client)
  • Landlord or Apartment Complex
  • New tenant taking over leaseholder's lease

Will I get my money back after 14 business days?

Due to the complexity of the business and the work load required to find someone to take over an existing lease, there is no 100% money back guarantee. When no one has been found to take over the lease by us, our client or their landlord, and a client wishes to cancel, there is still a refund.  However, we will only deduct a mere $49 service processing fee.

However, if a client wishes to cancel for any reason during the first 14 business days or wishes to cancel due to the fact that a client found a tenant on their own (within this time frame or anytime after) then there will be an 80% refund issued. We also want every client to get acquainted with out 50% refund policy, if violations to service are present.
For more details, please call our agent(s) at 1-800-895-2550 or email us at help@takeoverlease.us.
** See our other FAQ's pertaining to exceptions related to our refund policies.

Why am I only eligible for a 50% of a refund?

Our clients hire us on the basis of our quality work, quick communication and business ethics. In return, we expect our clients to reciprocate. However, we tend to find that certain policies are violated or of no fault of our own.  This is therefore subject to a 50% refund. To avoid it, we kindly request that our clients respect our policies. If there's ever a question on any of our policies, please do not hesitate to reach us by phone, email or text.

Below are the most common reasons why the service is subject to a 50% refund issued back to client:
  • If you relet on your own, and we're not notified immediately
  • If we don't get any response from you via text, phone or email after 24 hours 
  • If client refuses to meet with our lead, only because they had to reschedule a few times 
  • If client no longer lives in unit and does not designate anyone to show their unit to our lead
  • If lead wants to submit application, but client doesn't allow them for any reason
  • If client does not honor the scheduled appointment(s), causing loss of qualified leads
  • If lead was officially approved and ready to sign lease, but client's landlord refused to offer 'sight unseen waiver'.
  • If lead(s) want to submit application, but landlord states that your unit is already rented 
  • If before signing lease, lead inquiries landlord on possibility to renew, but landlord says apartment is already rented to someone else after original term's end and no other units available at renewal
  • If client returns apartment key to landlord within 14 business days without informing us first
  • If we bring client a lead, but leasing office steals our lead and our lead applies for another apartment in the community
  • If landlord's mishandling leads to prospect's loss of interest in applying for our client's unit.
  • If client turns down our lead for the sake of their own
  • If client is hostile and uncooperative with agent on multiple occasions
  • If agent works with client for more than 3 months continuously and faces hurdles beyond our company's control
  • If agent has successfully scheduled and sent over at least 5 appointments or leads
  • If we market the unit at a certain price authorized by client, and when prospect submits application, leasing office informs of a new and much higher rental price.
  • If client's apartment is infested with cockroaches and leads are deterred from applying
  • If client continuously misleads about information on their unit after failing to verify with landlord

I can’t believe your fee is so low, are you sure there’s not hidden fees?

We are proud of the services and competitive rate that is offered. There are never any hidden fees with TakeOverLease.us.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide phone, email,chat and even text messaging support.  We are the only ones in this industry who do not shy away from providing you the luxury of the modern ways of communication, in order to get all of your questions answered.

What is required of me to help you find me the right tenant?

There’s a few things that we need you to do in order for us to find you someone to take over your lease.
  • Fill out the Questionnaire Form
  • Make a service fee payment
  • Be available for us to show your apartment to new tenants.

What happens if the new tenant is NOT approved by my landlord / leasing office?

Not everyone will necessarily meet the rental eligibility requirements. Some folks won’t meet the job minimum wages or credit requirements.  However, that will not stop our services for you.  We will continue to bring you other tenants. Our services will be completed only when new tenant is fully approved and your lease is successfully transferred.

Why can’t I just try to find someone on my own?

You certainly can.  However, imagine if you work full time, you're not available to answer all of your incoming phone calls, emails or text messages.  Also, do you know how to effectively market your place and get plenty of QUALIFIED leads that are ready to take over your lease IMMEDIATELY? What if you need to get out of lease as soon as possible and you just have a handful of days to deal with it?

The bottom line is this whole process isn't as easy as it seems and requires speedy and effective results.  Take Over Lease is certainly the right company to take care of such needs.

Why does communication with you matter and how does it affect me?

You've hired us to help you find the right tenant to take over your lease. One of the most crucial aspects of such success is our communication with you via phone, text or email (whichever you prefer best). 

As soon as we have a potential candidate, ready and willing to see your apartment, we are going to contact you and expect you to respond promptly, so that we may schedule a showing.
If you fail to get back to us in a reasonable amount of time, we will make every attempt possible to reach out to you via all the communication channels provided. However, if you consistently keep on ignoring our phone calls, emails or texts and you disappear for days or weeks at a time without any prior notice, then you are openly jeopardizing our best efforts and our fiduciary duties for completing a lease takeover within a 14 day period. Therefore, due to your carelessness, we may have the right to withhold your one-time payment for a violation of this policy.

What if I have additional questions about your services?

Anytime you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us directly, email, chat or text message us.  If we are not available at that very moment, please leave us a detailed message and we will surely get back to you with 12 hours.

Can the leasing office show my place to prospective tenants, on my behalf?

Before you break your lease or return your apartment keys to your leasing office, you must consult with us first.  Nine times out of ten, the leasing office does NOT choose to show your place to other tenants. Leasing office considers it your responsibility to show your place to prospective tenants.

If we learn that you have broken the lease or returned your keys to the leasing office, while we search and schedule appointments for you, we reserve the right to WITHHOLD the service payment from you and cancel the service.

What are the Refund policies?

Every new client is expected to familiarize themselves with the Refund policies listed below. If any questions should arise, client must reach out to the representative that are working with or email our customer support at help@takeoverlease.us.
    Cancelling the service within first 14 business days for any reason

  • If you randomly want us to cancel, just because
  • If you have found a tenant on your own
  • If your landlord / apartment complex found a tenant on your behalf
  • UNLESS, you have violated policies pertaining to a 50% refund
  • [/tabgroup][/accordion]Why can’t anyone else apply if someone else’s application is already submitted?

    We have built this business with ethics in mind.  We do expect high level of honesty and ethics from our clients, as well.  For instance, if one of our leads has submitted an application thru the leasing office and it's being processed, it means we have to wait until the leasing office fully advises of the status of the application.  During the interim, neither Take Over Lease nor the client is allowed to have any other applicants apply or put down any security deposit to claim the apartment at the leasing office.  If the client does this and claims to have found a tenant on their own, the one-time fee will be forfeited and service cancelled immediately.

    I decided to return my keys to my landlord. Can I get my full refund now?

    When clients hire us to find them a tenant, they must be in full possession of the keys to their place of residence throughout the entire process. The leaseholder (client) is essentially responsible for showing their place to prospective tenants (unless leasing office has officially agreed to show on client’s behalf).

    If, at any time during the process, client returns keys to landlord, our agent(s) must be informed of this action IMMEDIATELY via email, phone or a text message.
    In most cases, when leaseholder returns keys to a landlord before the lease expires without another tenant taking over rest of the lease, it's a direct gesture of lease breaking to your landlord. If client does this at the time when Take Over Lease is hired (during or after 14 business days), then service will be cancelled and subjected to a 20% withholding from the total refund.

    After client submitted payment, we are unable to reach them

    After the client submits their Questionnaire form and their payment, our agent will be reaching out to client within 24 hours to go over the form. This is a mandatory 10 minute interview that is required for the service to be successful.

    If our call is not answered, we will always leave a voicemail, send an follow-up email and/or text message to client asking to get in  touch with us.
    Every day that a client does not respond to us, we may elect to exert our early termination policies with regard to a partial refund and cancellation of service.

    Who will show my apartment while i’m away or traveling?

    Once we get hired, we begin working on finding you quality leads right away.  We expect you to show your unit the same day or the following day at the latest to any of the leads provided.

    If at any time during the service interim, client will not be available to show the unit for days, due to planned vacations or other traveling needs, we require to be notified immediately.  
    We would expect that a client delegates showing of their unit in their absence to their friends or family.
    If client is unable to find someone to show their unit in their absence, we will continue the service, however, we will not use these days as part of our 14 business days timeframe.

    I cannot send the images of my unit right away

    Right after the purchase of our service, we expect our new client to send us the images of their Unit immediately.  If we haven't received it, our agent will usually request them again during our initial and mandatory phone interview.

    Until the images are received from our client, we will not count those days as part of our 14 business days timeframe.

    Should I submit my 30 or 60 days Notice to Vacate to my Landlord?

    We do NOT recommend submitting a 30 or 60 days notice with your landlord.  This could lead to you paying your landlord a lease break penalty, due to the fact that he/she may find a tenant on your behalf, which is counterproductive to hiring us to do this job for you.

    This would eventually result in an 80% or even a 50% refund policy, depending on the circumstances.
    Please consult with our representative before submitting official Notice to Vacate to your landlord.