How to Get Out of an Apartment Lease Before Moving In

Why would someone want to get out of an apartment lease before moving in?  There could be a number of different circumstances why tenants may change their mind about moving in to the apartment after the lease is signed.  
Most common reasons are sudden job transfers, military reassignment, finding unexpected loopholes about the apartment complex, or even transferring schools and moving out of state. No matter what the reason is the new tenant must understand the consequences of legal obligations of leasing agreements and seek ways on how to minimize the financial impact. 
Intent to Break a Lease Agreement 
get out of an apartment lease before moving inSo, you’ve signed the leasing agreement and you’ve shaken the hand of your new apartment leasing manager, but then in just a week or so, your plans change and you now you want to cancel your leasing agreement.  Well, unfortunately, you can’t just do that anymore.  You and a landlord have entered into a legally binding contract and it doesn’t matter if you move into the unit or not.  If you bring it up to your landlord, then he must treat this as a notification of your intent to break the lease agreement
Your Security Deposit Might Be at Stake 
When you have signed the leasing agreement, you’ve put a security deposit of at least 1-2 months rent. This protects your landlord for being compensated in case a tenant wants to get out of an apartment lease before moving in for any reason. Your landlord may offer your the following options:
  1. Landlord will look for another tenant replacement and try to re-rent your unit. If he doesn’t find someone, and you still want to break the lease, then your security deposit gets applied towards the rent.
  2. If you continue paying for your rent, until you personally find a replacement tenant, and when you do, your security deposit will be refunded back, as there won’t be any damages to the unoccupied unit. 
If you believe you want to get out of an apartment lease before moving in and want do it as smoothly as possible, your best bet is to fill out the questionnaire form below and have Take Over Lease manage it for you.