Blog Post Legitimate way on how to get out of lease

Legitimate way on how to get out of lease



Legitimate way on how to get out of lease

You can't break your lease if you're buying a houseAs stressed out as you are at this point, there are actually legitimate ways on how to get out of lease if you just continue following the advice listed below. Ok, so you’ve lived in your apartment for one year and now you’ve received a renewal notice from your landlord asking you to either vacate or renew the apartment lease. It’s no surprise, but most landlords send this notice far in advance, usually about two months before your current lease would expire. This way, they give you plenty of time to make a sound decision before you sign a new contract.
Let’s assume that you’ve made a decision and you renewed the lease. Four months down the road, you get an amazing job offer from another state and you have to move or lose on a great opportunity. But they you say “oops, I just renewed my lease..”.
Should you break your lease early?
Just because you got a new job, your landlord will not let you break your lease. No way! Landlords are usually pretty greedy and they LOVE when you get into a situation where you have to break the lease. Why? Because they will have to charge you a fee equivalent of your 2 months rent. You will eventually get pretty mad about it, but what can you do?  There are some options how to get out of lease and not have to deal with getting reported to credit bureau by your landlord.
  • Find a tenant to take over your lease
  • If you can’t find on your own – hire a company who can
  • Pay a landlord fee equivalent to 2 months rent
Obviously, no one wants to pay a fee to the landlord to break the lease. Therefore, it would be wise to find a tenant who’d be willing to take over your lease.

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