Blog Post What Does an Individual Lease Mean for Student Living?

What Does an Individual Lease Mean for Student Living?



What Does an Individual Lease Mean for Student Living?

College students living on or off-campus often tend to sign individual leases, especially when there are multiple tenants involved.  Each tenant pays a separate rent to the leasing office.  In most cases, an individual has a private room and private bedroom.  Although, the common ares shared are:   kitchen and living room space.
Advantage of Individual Leases
You just pay for your share only. So, if anyone wants to break their lease or move out all of a sudden, you don’t have to worry about it.  This person will need to deal with the leasing office and you won’t be responsible for finding another roommate.
Will You Be Penalized?  
Nope, not at all.  If a tenant that’s moving out trashes his room or bathroom, it’s not your responsibility.  However, if the common areas, such as a kitchen or living room are damaged, then all the roommates are responsible. 
Disadvantages of Individual Leases  
New roommate?
 You may have been used to the roommate that just moved out and perhaps even made great friends.  However, the leasing office will eventually find a replacement and bring in a new tenant that you’ll have difficulties getting along.  
Fortunately for you, your leasing office will probably offer you a roommate-matching service and ask the type of rommmate you’d like to see living with you. For example, male or female, hobbies, studying, partying type or smoking vs. non-smoking.  

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