Blog Post Lease break due to job relocation in Florida

Lease break due to job relocation in Florida



Lease break due to job relocation in Florida

Florida is certainly a very finicky place in terms of tenant-landlord relationships. However, a lease break due to job relocation in Florida would not commit your landlord to simply let you off the hook for this reason.  
Lease agreement is a legally binding document and in most cases you cannot simply break a lease for a purposes of a job relocation, unless you pay the lease break penalty.
Well, of course, unless there is a relocation clause in your Florida lease, just obtaining a job in another state is not adequate grounds to relieve you of your obligations under the lease. However, each state has their own laws that protect  tenant’s rights.  So, if you have a justifiable reason for breaking the lease, then you don’t have to pay a penalty.
Generally, you are responsible for remainder of the lease, regardless of how good of an excuse you have for breaking your lease, unless you live in one of those few states that have an exception to this rule. Here are some of the examples of some states that allow you to get out of lease without penalty. 
  •  In State of Georgia, military transfers are grounds for breaking the lease
  • In State of Delaware, you can break you lease if you relocate for your job
  • In State of New Jersey, you can get out of your lease, if you are disabled or provide proof of serious medical illness (must be medically verifiable)
As you can see from the list above, lease break due to job relocation in Florida is not listed, as part of this exception. The law always protects a tenant to a certain degree, but a tenant is always responsible for the remainder part of their rent.  In order to know the details, as it pertains to that state that you live in, you must contact your local tenants advocacy group for a free legal advice.

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