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Short term apartment leases in Austin



Short term apartment leases in Austin

Are you looking to move to a self-proclaimed “Live music capital of the world?”   Austin is definitely the place to be for those who are into tech industry, music, or anything creative. Many young people and even families have been relocating to Austin lately and the surge is still up. Welll, no wonder Forbes magazine named it the the “faster growing city in the US”. 
It’s a great city in many aspects, but it has not been the best market for the renters who are looking for short term apartment leases, lately. Finding an affordable rental is hard and most prices keep on going up. It’s due to a huge demand in rentals because of high traffic of folks moving to Austin for work, mainly. 
Many sublets and furnished apartments are a HOT commodity in Austin. People are hoping and praying to just take over someone else’s lease for a shorter term, than simply signing a brand new lease for 12 months.  Some people do it because they come to the city for job contracts and need to stay between 3-6 months.  Many graduate students who attend University of Texas at Austin also need a temporary housing and have difficulties finding it. 
There is usually no issues finding a short term lease, if you contact Take Over Lease. It’s a highly experienced team of agents dealing with sublets and lease breaks all over Austin. It’s a best place to start your search.

Needed a short term lease for 4 months, there is property manager who will sign me for one…Take Over Lease did it. They found me a short term rental right now Downtown. I paid a very small fee for it. They helped me save some serious money. Will recommend you anytime.

Tony Zambota.
HM Creative

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