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Wondering How To Get Out of a Lease Without Any Penalty to Your Landlord?

Consider it a problem solved.

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Saving you money is what we are all about.

Take Over Lease is a full service management company with professional experts in finding pre-qualified tenants to take over your remaining lease, without any lease break penalty to your landlord. Regardless of your location or whether you need to vacate due to a job relocation, home purchase, marriage, etc. – we will make sure the job gets done.


After screening the potential tenant, we will make sure that a tenant visits, applies and gets approved to take over your lease.


Our results-oriented marketing, real-estate affiliated connections, cutting edge advertising will attract best leads daily.


Our necessary tool for reaching an understanding between all parties involved for procuring a successful lease transfer.


Typically, we find tenants within a couple of weeks. Results may vary depending on your location, lease terms and market rates.


We are dedicated and will work hard to help you get out of your lease. Even if no one takes over your lease, we offer money-back.


It is guaranteed that we will save you at least $3000 on a lease break penalty from your landlord. Perhaps even more than that.

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