Our prospect tenant will get approved to take over your ENTIRE LEASE

Regardless of location, entire or shared space.

Save $$$ on a lease break penalty with your complex.

Under 30 days

New tenant will be assigned to your lease in under 30 days time.

You Can Leave ASAP

We just need to make sure your apartment is shown to our prospects.

Entire or Shared place

Commonly shared off-campus housing apartments are accepted.

Landlord Approved

Prospect will submit their application directly to your landlord for processing.

Qualified Prospects

Every prospect will be pre-qualified for income, credit and background checks.

Legal Agreement

Signed legally binding agreement provides piece of mind to you.


Imagine Getting Out of Your Apartment Lease

Without ANY Lease Break Penalty? Feels Great.

guy happy to get out of apartment lease


Start out by filling out a form with some details about your apartment or room


Agent contacting you will answer your questions and assist with sign up process


Qualified leads begin touring your place, apply and get approved to take it over

Gary Chester

Art Director, Newark DE

“Amazing experience. They managed to save me over $4000 in lease break fees. Truly recommend”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I automatically qualify for your program?

Most will qualify for our program. However, we must evaluate your situation and your lease details before we can confidently take on your project.

Can I move out after I hire you on?

It is up to you. However, you must be ready to move out whenever a prospect gets approved and signs onto the remainder of your lease.

How soon will someone start coming to view my place?

Our goal is to send pre-qualified leads to your apartment, as soon as possible. Although, leads can come at anytime within a 30-day service duration.

I live in a shared housing, does that qualify me?

Yes, regardless of how many roommates you have, we can still help.

Do you work in my city or state?

Yes, we are a nationwide company.

Can my apartment complex give me a hard time with this process?

Absolutely not. Our prospect will submit an application directly with your apartment complex or landlord. The only way that a prospect can be denied is if they fail qualifying based on income, credit or background checks.

Can I speak to an agent who can answer all of my questions?

Absolutely. You can get a FREE consultation and any of our agents can answer your questions via a live phone call.

How do I officially get started with this service?

We recommend filling out the form below and reviewing our service agreement first. Service does not begin until and unless a customer signs the service agreement and submits payment.

Our Prospects WILL Take Over Your Lease.

Get Started TODAY!

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