Blog Post 5 Best Ways To Avoid Breaking Your Lease

5 Best Ways To Avoid Breaking Your Lease



5 Best Ways To Avoid Breaking Your Lease

  It is very important to avoid breaking your lease as much as you could. Sometimes life puts you in unexpected situations that automatically change your plan in life, including forcing you to break your lease agreement. It is recommended that you know your options and then talk to the owner or lessor of the house. If you have a problem with the apartment, talk things through, don’t believe that you have to face it all alone.
  1. Negotiate Your Lease Before You Sign
Even though there are a couple of options, the best way to avoid breaking your lease agreement is to make sure to negotiate until you accept the terms of the lease. If you are thinking about buying a home in the future, it is important to add a mortgage clause in a way that you would have a flexible contract that won’t hit you with severe penalties.
  1. Include Clauses that Settles your Anticipations
If your job requires you to travel, make sure you have a clause that includes transfer. You can’t always predict every change that could occur in your life, but for those changes you anticipate, you should add a clause in the lease agreement that would give you the flexibility needed to escape penalties.
  1. Have a Face-to-Face Discussion With Your Landlord
It is true that we live in a digital age where we use emails and other digital communication systems, but a face to face conversation can be more useful than the exchange of electronic mails. Be brief and clear when you notify your landlord or property manager of the situation and why you what a change.
  1. Analyze Your Situation
Before knocking on the door of your landlord, or scheduling an appointment with your property manager, carefully analyze your situation and decide whether it is really necessary to terminate the lease. There are certain problems that could be worked out with the Manager. In a situation where your roommate leaves and you feel you will have problems paying the rent alone, or you feel the environment is too noisy because of your neighbors, the Manager will be able to work with you to help solve the problem. Landlords and property managers usually solve these problems and probably have some kind of framework to help you solve problems like unpleasant noisy neighbors or other property issues. You will be surprised how they will handle the situation without you breaking your lease. After speaking with the landlord or property manager, both of you may come to the conclusion that terminating the lease is necessary. However, you can work through other systems like employing the professional services of TakeOverLease.
  1. Find Out Whether Another Apartment Is Available in the Building
If you need more space or need to reduce its size, you may be able to move into another apartment in the same building. This is a good solution especially when your roommate leaves or you are expecting a new baby. Contact the Landlord to know whether other apartments are available. You can also check if the management team or the owner of the property has other properties available on another site. So, if it is necessary for you to change your location, find out whether your property management company or landlord has buildings in the country or state where you want to relocate to. Always do all that you could to avoid breaking your lease. Feel free to call TakeOverLease at 1-800-895-2550 anytime in the day for more information, or contact us through the message box.  

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