Blog Post Can I break my apartment lease after a robbery

Can I break my apartment lease after a robbery



Can I break my apartment lease after a robbery

You’re a renter and you were just robbed. You say, “that’s it, this area is not say and i’m getting out and breaking my lease”.  Would your landlord easily let you break the lease, just based on the fact that you were claimed that you just got robbed?  Are you also threatening your landlord that you want your full security deposit back?

The Answer is Not Cut and Dry

There are several variables that will go into it, before you know that it’s safe to break the lease without consequences, in the robbery situation.  First, it will depend on who and what cause it.
For example, if the landlord fails to provide quality security in the community, then he can easily be held responsible. Landlord will have to do investigation into this matter, but landlord might also claim that their liability is limited.
Reasons why landlords may responsible and your lease break would actually be valid:
  • Doors or window didn’t lock properly.
  • Tenant lost a key, informed you, and you didn’t change the locks.
And here are the reasons where it may just be your fault that your apartment was prone to a robbery. Breaking a lease in any of these situations will not be in your favor:
  • Tenant didn’t lock the doors.
  • Tenant lost a key or gave one to a friend.
    • Tenant is involved in some crime/drug-related activity, which followed him home.
    • Tenant’s home was randomly selected, and it was a forced entry.

    Broken Doors or Windows Must Be Replaced Immediately

    Any landlord must act within a 24 hour period to replace the broken windows or door, before the nightfall comes, in order to make the tenant feels safe.  If the landlord cannot do that before the night comes, it will be landlord’s responsibility to compensate the tenant for the cost of the hotel.
    If the landlord is not providing the means to secure his own environment within the allotted time or compensate for a hotel, then you have the grounds to break the lease after a robbery.  


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