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What People Say

Before trying Take Over Lease, I experienced the pain of paying double rents for 3 months after a friend dropping out of takeover at the last minute. I’ve exhausted all possible channels (friends, rental websites, craigslist and local brokers) and trusted TOL more out of desperation. I have to say Take Over Lease does live up to it’s “hassle-free” service advertised.

I highly recommend TOL for anyone who got stuck in a lease – whatever TOL costs you is way much cheaper than the potential rent loss, more importantly the loss of your time and energy dealing with the issue.


San Francisco, CA 03-04-2017


What People Say

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! At first I was a bit hesitant and questioning whether or not the company was legitimate, but the thought of paying a mortgage AND rent for 4 months quelled my fears. I had to take a chance. TakeOverLease was able to find 3 separate parties who were enthusiastically interested in my apartment, which lead to an acceptance to take over my lease by my apartment’s management company. Yay! Because of TakeOverLease, I was able to close on my new house a month early, and was no longer at risk of having to pay 4 additional months of rent. Thank you so much, Paul and the team at TakeOverLease!


Runnemede, NJ 02-10-2016


What People Say

“I was able to avoid paying 3 months of rent and forfeiting my security deposit by using takeover lease. They found me new tenants within two weeks and it was such a relief to get it done. They will keep communication with you throughout the whole process and all of the potential applicants are pre-screened, so that you don’t waste your time on someone that will get rejected by your landlord”


Lakewood, OH 08-13-2019

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After form submission, you can make a payment to sign up, so that we can get you out of lease ASAP.

Apartment Photos

We would need you to provide us with as many photos of your neat apartment, as soon as possible.

Assigned Manager

Within 24 hours, assigned case manager will call you to verify all info and answer your questions.

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Scheduled Tours

Appointments get scheduled and folks come to view your apartment and apply with your landlord.

Lease transfer DONE!

One of our leads applied, gotten approved and your lease is now fully transferred over. Congrats!

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What Can You Do For Me?

Our replacement tenant will take over rest of your lease and save you an average of $4000 on your lease break penalty.

Are these all quality prospects?

Every single visitor will be fully pre-qualified for their income, credit and background checks.

Do you work in my city?

We are a nationwide service provider and we can help you regardless of your city, state or zip code.

How much is your service?

We have a tier-priced system, based on amount of your rent. We are 60-80% affordable than your local broker.

How long will this process take?

It will take us anywhere from 48 hours up to a couple of weeks to find you a tenant for rest of your lease term.

Do you offer money-back?

Yes, we do. Please refer to our money-back guarantee policies or speak to our agent to get more details.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions are available for review below. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call and speak with one of our representatives at 1-800-895-2550

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