Blog Post Will a landlord help with apartment lease break?

Will a landlord help with apartment lease break?



Will a landlord help with apartment lease break?

If you’re in a situation when you realize that you have to break your apartment lease due to your job transfer, purchase of home, or any other reason, most often than not, your landlord will NOT help you with the lease break. 95% of the time, landlords or apartment complexes are not obligated to help you with re-letting your apartment to another tenant.  They are also not obligated to be showing your apartment on your behalf, even if you ask them so. It’s also important for you as the current tenant to comply with landlord’s rules and regulations of the signed agreement.  Usually, it will state such lease break terms in the document that you had originally signed, when you just rented the apartment. Accordingly, prior to vacating a property early and thereby defaulting under a lease, a residential tenant should attempt to find a suitable tenant to to take over the apartment lease, thereby mitigating his own potential damages. Some landlords are hopeful that you will fail in finding a replacement tenant who’d take over your lease.  Why? Because most of the time, the lease break penalty for breaking your lease agreement is at least two months rent. If the landlord gets it from you, they are confident enough that they can quickly find someone who’d fill in your apartment spot and assume your monthly payments.

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