Can you get out of an apartment lease, if you feel unsafe?

You can pretty much get out of an apartment lease if you feel unsafe. However, there are consequences associated with it. A tenant must always pick a copy of their lease and read the provisions stated. Does it say anything with regard to quiet enjoyment or something similar to that?

If you are experiencing issues with your neighbors, such as banging on the walls in the middle of the night, cops showing up due to loud music or issues related to drugs, etc., then you must report all these incidents to your landlord. Most importantly, you must keep track of all dates, times when police arrive, and any reports filed. Make sure that you not only report to your landlord verbally, but in fact, in writing via certified mail with return-receipt.

All of these concerns must be thoroughly documented and reported to your landlord. These proofs will serve as backup of your claims to get out of apartment lease due to safety issues. Keep in mind, your landlord will not use such isolated incidents for grounds of breaking the lease and letting you walk away from the lease. However, if you try to vacate early, you will use this proof and try to minimize the damage associated with the lease break penalty that’s usually associated with getting out of lease early. Best way to limit the damage is to find a replacement tenant for rest of your lease, so that you can leave on good terms with your landlord. You may have trouble finding a replacement tenant for your unit, can take care of it for you.

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