Our Frequently Asked Questions are available for review below. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call and speak with one of our representatives at 1-800-895-2550.

What is it that you do?

Finding you tenants to take over rest of your lease and save you an average of $4000 on your lease break penalty.

Do you provide service in every city and state?

Yes, we are a nationwide service.

What are you work hours?

We work Monday – Friday, 9-5pm. We are closed in observance of all Federal holidays.

Do you just work on apartments?

No, we also help people in a home and student off-campus housing leases.

How much will your service cost me?
  • one-time fee $379
  • one-time fee $479
  • one-time fee $579
  • one-time fee $679
  • one-time fee $779
one-time fee $379

If your monthly rent is anywhere between $600-999 per month (copy of your lease may be required).

one-time fee $479

If your monthly rent is anywhere between $1000-1999 per month (copy of your lease may be required).

one-time fee $579

If your monthly rent is anywhere between $2000-2999 per month (copy of your lease may be required).

one-time fee $679

If your monthly rent is anywhere between $3000-3999 per month (copy of your lease may be required).

one-time fee $779

If your monthly rent is anywhere between $4000-4999 per month (copy of your lease may be required).

How does your fee compare to others?

Our one-time fee is very competitive on the market today. For the same type of service, a broker would charge you 15% of your annual rent. For example, if you monthly rent is $1200, your broker fee would be $2160, whereas ours would only be $479.

I don’t have money to pay now…Can I pay later?

For the service to be started, the one-time fee is due upfront. However, there is a great financing option offered by PayPal Credit. You can qualify for 6 months of no interest payments, by clicking on “PayPal Credit” option at checkout.

How quickly can you find a tenant for me?

We can literally find tenant(s) within a matter of 1-2 days. However, every location, monthly rent and lease terms are never the same and it may take longer. Generally, it takes up to 14 business days for a turnaround.

What if i’m not available to show my property?

Every client is responsible for showing their unit to our prospects. However, in case you’re not available or on vacation, it is your responsibility to delegate this task to your friend or relative to prevent service from being stalled. We would also request contact info of the person delegated to show on your behalf.

Is there 100% money back guarantee, if you don’t find me a tenant?

Due to the nature of the service and the workload that we will undertake to find you tenant(s), there is no 100% money-back guarantee. We DO have a partial money-back guarantee, as shown below. *Either one of the 3 options will apply, depending on the situation.

  • 80% refund policy
  • $49 one-time service fee
  • 50% refund policy
80% refund policy
  • If you decide to cancel the service for ANY REASON within 14 business days of hiring us.
  • If you happen to find a replacement tenant on your own within 14 business days or anytime after (if we are still hired).
$49 one-time service fee
  • If tenant has not been found after 14 business days and you cannot wait or continue any longer, you can request to cancel. Your full refund will reflect a deduction of a one-time $49 service processing fee.
50% refund policy

50% refund is issued only in very RARE circumstances, when clients do not communicate with us before they take certain actions on their property. We always encourage our clients to consult with us every time, especially after we are already hired to help you.

  • If you relet on your own, and we’re not notified immediately
  • If we don’t get any response from you via text, phone or email after 24 hours 
  • If client refuses to meet with our lead, only because they had to reschedule a few times 
  • If client no longer lives in unit and does not designate anyone to show their unit to our lead
  • If lead wants to submit application, but client doesn’t allow them for any reason
  • If client does not honor the scheduled appointment(s), causing loss of qualified leads
  • If lead was officially approved and ready to sign lease, but client’s landlord refused to offer ‘sight unseen waiver’.
  • If lead(s) want to submit application, but landlord states that your unit is already rented 
  • If before signing lease, lead inquiries landlord on possibility to renew, but landlord says apartment is already rented to someone else after original term’s end and no other units available at renewal
  • If client returns apartment key to landlord within 14 business days without informing us first
  • If we bring client a lead, but leasing office steals our lead and our lead applies for another apartment in the community
  • If landlord’s mishandling leads to prospect’s loss of interest in applying for our client’s unit.
  • If client turns down our lead for the sake of their own
  • If client is hostile and uncooperative with agent on multiple occasions
  • If we’re continuously market client’s unit over period of 3 months lacking interest from prospects.
  • If agent has successfully scheduled and sent over at least 5 appointments or leads
  • If we market the unit at a certain price authorized by client, and when prospect submits application, leasing office informs of a new and much higher rental price.
  • If client’s apartment is infested with cockroaches and leads are deterred from applying
  • If client continuously misleads about information on their unit after failing to verify with landlord
If the tenant is not found after 14 business days, can the service be continued?

Yes, we will not cancel the service. In fact, we will continue sending you the leads. There is never any additional fee required if you want us to continue working for you.

Should I submit 30 or 60 days notice to vacate to my landlord?

No, you should never submit a notice to vacate to your landlord. There are many problems that arise with submission of such notice and you would automatically put yourself into a financial trap with your complex, as well as us. 60 days notice is an absolute, absolute last resort, when all fails. Please contact us for more details about it.

What happens if a tenant is not approved by my complex?

Even though we work hard to make sure each prospect is pre-qualified, a landlord still has the final decision to make with regard to approval. If someone is not approved for whatever reason, we will provide you with other leads, until someone is surely approved.

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