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Why am I only eligible for a 50% of a refund?

Our clients hire us on the basis of our quality work, quick communication and business ethics. In return, we expect our clients to reciprocate. However, we tend to find that certain policies are violated or of no fault of our own.  This is therefore subject to a 50% refund. To avoid it, we kindly request that our clients respect our policies. If there’s ever a question on any of our policies, please do not hesitate to reach us by phone, email or text.
Below are the most common reasons why the service is subject to a 50% refund issued back to client:
  • If you relet on your own, and we’re not notified immediately
  • If we don’t get any response from you via text, phone or email after 24 hours 
  • If client refuses to meet with our lead, only because they had to reschedule a few times 
  • If client no longer lives in unit and does not designate anyone to show their unit to our lead
  • If lead wants to submit application, but client doesn’t allow them for any reason
  • If client does not honor the scheduled appointment(s), causing loss of qualified leads
  • If lead was officially approved and ready to sign lease, but client’s landlord refused to offer ‘sight unseen waiver’.
  • If lead(s) want to submit application, but landlord states that your unit is already rented 
  • If before signing lease, lead inquiries landlord on possibility to renew, but landlord says apartment is already rented to someone else after original term’s end and no other units available at renewal
  • If client returns apartment key to landlord within 14 business days without informing us first
  • If we bring client a lead, but leasing office steals our lead and our lead applies for another apartment in the community
  • If landlord’s mishandling leads to prospect’s loss of interest in applying for our client’s unit.
  • If client turns down our lead for the sake of their own
  • If client is hostile and uncooperative with agent on multiple occasions
  • If we’re continuously market client’s unit over period of 3 months lacking interest from prospects.
  • If agent has successfully scheduled and sent over at least 5 appointments or leads
  • If we market the unit at a certain price authorized by client, and when prospect submits application, leasing office informs of a new and much higher rental price.
  • If client’s apartment is infested with cockroaches and leads are deterred from applying
  • If client continuously misleads about information on their unit after failing to verify with landlord

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