Blog Post What happens when client circumvents us?




What happens when client circumvents us?

We always work with all of our clients very diligently throughout the entire process.  There’s never a reason for us NOT to issue a refund, unless a client does something completely unethical and we have proof of that.
If our agent/company has found a prospective tenant for our client and we sent him/her to a client directly or to the leasing office for the purpose of viewing and/or applying for the unit, then it is considered to be part of our service for our client.
If we tend to find out that our client is attempting to ignore us and/or circumvents us by dealing with our lead directly and therefore attempts to get a refund for service not rendered, we will immediately suspend all work with a client and provide legitimate proof.
Circumvention will not be tolerated under any circumstances and it will lead to a forfeiture of their deposit in full.    

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