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Get Out of Lease Without Difficulties | 1-800-895-2550



Get Out of Lease Without Difficulties | 1-800-895-2550

If you want to get out of lease without difficulties, you must take all precautions before signing one. It’s very easy to get caught up in spider web of leasing problems with your landlord, if you sign the lease with uneasy clauses in it.
Initially, we get very excited about our new move-in.  You were looking for this beautiful apartment overlooking Downtown or a lake for a long, long time.  You and your girlfriend fall in love with this new place and the leasing agents are super-duper nice, as well.  What else can go wrong, right?  
So, here comes the day of signing the leasing agreement.  You’re there in the gorgeous glass conference room and the leasing agent is all smiles, but has a ton of paperwork in front of you.  She briefly tells you what each page is all about and then says where to put your signature.  Well, with you being all excited and you understand that an agent will not dupe you, your signatures where they’re required.
However, you may have not read all the leasing agreement clauses and might have overlooked some important ones. Sure you did. It’s very probable that you or your girlfriend did not ask a question, like “What happens if we get jobs out of state and need to break the lease?”.  The response of leasing agent to this question could potentially change your mind about signing lease with this apartment complex.
Most if not all the leasing agreements have an early termination clause, which may make it more difficult to get out of lease.  Somewhere on the first or second pages of your agreement, it states whether lease breakup will cause you to lose your Security Deposit, make you responsible for 2-3 months rent and even responsible for the remaining months left on the lease.  This is rare, but it’s still around.
Keep in mind that after you have signed the lease, you are legally bound to follow the law. If you break it, landlord has all the rights to pursue a civil lawsuit against you. Remember all that fine print that none of us usually read.  Be smarter!

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