Blog Post Will Landlord Allow Getting Out of Lease for Job Relocation?

Will Landlord Allow Getting Out of Lease for Job Relocation?



Will Landlord Allow Getting Out of Lease for Job Relocation?

Getting out of lease for a job relocation might sound like a good excuse, but it will not work legally with your landlord. Why? Because it is not a valid enough reason to terminate your lease early.
Imagine that if everyone could easily just terminate their leases simply by finding their dream job in another state. Wouldn’t that be so cool? Yeah, but it’s only a dream thought, nothing more.
There are honestly only a few reasons that would allow a tenant to break a lease, and as you can see, breaking a lease due to a job transfer is not one of them.  However, even the below exceptions would work state-to-state.
  • Serious health problems
  • Military duty
  • Domestic Violence
  • Covenant of Quite Enjoyment
  • Implied Warranty of Habitability
Job Relocation Negotiation
The one good advantage that can offset your expense in getting out of lease for a job relocation is your negotiated relocation package by your employer. 
Every employer knows that their employee is usually tied to a yearly apartment lease.  Breaking a lease would cost their valued employee a hefty penalty. 
We do suggest to contact your HR department and put your request of reimbursing your apartment lease break penalty in writing and get it submitted ASAP.
relocation costs Provide Proof of Lease Agreement / Penalty Your landlord may have two options for you for breaking the lease. The easiest one is if there’s an actual lease break penalty associated with vacating your unit early. You can easily show your agreement to your employer or have the landlord fax proof of a penalty to your employer / HR department.
However, the worst case scenario is when your do not have any buyout option on your lease. In that case, you would need to find a replacement tenant or keep on paying the lease until it’s over.  This may delay your relocation and may cause some serious inconveniences at your job.  Contact Take Over Lease in case you need to find a tenant asap by calling 1-800-895-2550.

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