Blog Post Apartment Lease Transfer in New York

Apartment Lease Transfer in New York



Apartment Lease Transfer in New York

Whether you’re in New York, Florida, California or any other US State, the apartment lease transfer is done the same way, more or less.  Basically, you have to refer to your lease agreement which describes the procedure for subletting or lease assignment. 
Most landlords do not wish for their tenants to break the lease and leave them empty handed.  Even if the lease does not specifically state the lease assignment, most landlords allow it, provided that you find a qualified tenant to take over your lease. In all honestly, it’s in the best interest of your landlord to allow it. 
As far as your security deposit, the new tenant will usually issue you a money order / cashier’s check of your security deposit.  And your original original security deposit will stay with the leasing office until the new tenant moves out.  That’s how it works usually  However, it’s always advised that you call your management office and verify the details of the apartment lease transfer so that there’s not surprises at the very last minute.

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