Blog Post How to Break Lease Legally

How to Break Lease Legally



How to Break Lease Legally

So, you’ve signed an apartment lease and now a few months later you got a job in another town.  The issue now is how do you really get out of your apartment lease early and legally?
Remember, you’ve signed a legally binding agreement that will hold against you, should you just get up and leave.  Your landlord will file suit against you and most probably win by having the court enforce you to pay the remaining months left on the lease, forfeit your security deposit and a ton of blemishes on your credit report.  Ouch! That will be kind of hurtful..
What’s the best way to get avoid all this mess? It’s simple – find yourself a replacement tenant for the remainder of your lease.  Take Over Lease is a full service lease management company that will take care completely.

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