How to Get Out of Your Rental Lease

Learn about most commons way to get out of lease

When you sign an apartment lease, oftentimes you do not think about how to get out of your rental lease, because simply said, it's not on your mind at that moment. You're excited, because you're just getting keys to your new unit that will bring you new memories.

Well, down the road, you may have some things come up that are completely unexpected and you won't have any other choice, but to seek a way out of your lease, but legally of course. You definitely would not want to ruin your credit score and simply break your lease.


  • Active military duty
  • Victim of domestic violence case
  • Landlord illegally entered into your apartment space
  • Rental unit is uninhabitable due to mold, lack of running water or heat

Now, all of these reasons above will get you out of lease without any penalty from your landlord. However, the reasons listed below will NOT get you out of lease so easily.

  1. Getting married or separating
  2. Relocating for a new job
  3. Having trouble dealing with a roommate
  4. Buying a new house

These reasons are considered personal and are in no way affecting the leasing agreement. In other words, the landlord is not responsible to 'let you off the hook', unless you either find a replacement tenant to take over your lease or pay a lease break penalty.

The best way on how to get out of your rental lease is to follow all the right steps. For example, you must read your lease thoroughly and understand what you can and cannot do. There will be certain reasons mentioned when you can terminate your lease completely.


It's important to let your landlord know the reason you need to vacate out of your lease before it's over. If you're renting from a large complex, then they won't be as sympathetic to you, as a private landlord might be. Most complexes just follow corporate rules and they won't try to bend them or negotiate freely.


It's always important to document everything. If your landlord or your leasing office says something important about your leasing agreement or a lease break, make sure that they email it to you. It's good to have proof, in case you ever have to take this matter to court.


Always remember that there is always professional help available to help you find a way out of your lease. If you believe your landlord's actions are illegal, you should consult an attorney, if you believe that everything is fine and you just need to find a replacement tenant to avoid a lease break penalty, then it's something that can easily be done.

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