Blog Post Is burglary a legitimate reason to break the lease?

Is burglary a legitimate reason to break the lease?



Is burglary a legitimate reason to break the lease?

The very first thing that comes to mind of every renter who happens to be victim of burglary is “I’m getting out of this neighborhood and breaking the lease. The law will be on my side”.  If you believe so, you are wrong.  In order to justify your apartment lease break, you need to take several steps.
 Notify Apartment Management  
It’s pertinent to immediately notify your apartment complex or your landlord about the burglary of your apartment, as well as call the police and get the official report started.  You need to let your apartment management know that you fear for your safety and security and request that they take appropriate action.
What Should Management Do  
Your apartment management cannot do much about the fact that your apartment was burglarized. They can and should change your locks at no charge to you and they should hopefully add the security system.  However, if there’s no security system already in place, your landlord can deny installing one, as it may be costly. Even if your property has security gates, burglars usually get around those too.  If they got into your apartment, then just imagine how easy it was to get thru the security gate.
Break Lease Due to Burglary 
As for your leasing agreement, I highly doubt it has some kind of clause that can release you from it due to the fact that you apartment was burglarized. All the landlord can do is either provide a double lock or create a better security system to avoid it happening in the future.  Check out  inforgraphic below on the apartment burglary statistics 
apartment burglary statistics  

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