Blog Post Penalty for breaking apartment lease early

Penalty for breaking apartment lease early



Penalty for breaking apartment lease early

We tend to get too easily excited whenever the apartment leasing agent shows us a new apartment.  We begin to envision where every part of our furniture will sit and we promptly sign the leasing agreement without taking all the time to go thru so-called fine print.
You get to realize all this whenever your life status changes and you need to get out of your apartment lease 2-3 months after you’ve signed it.  You go down to your leasing office and ask them “What happens if I break my lease today?” and their reply is clear and dry “If you break your lease today, you would owe us 2 months rent and your security deposit will not be refunded”.  And after hearing all this, you’re standing there stoned, because you just realized that your monthly rent is $1500, and your Security deposit was $500.  
And so you calculated that a penalty for breaking your apartment lease early would cost you $3500, which consists of 2 months rent and unreturned security deposit.  Of course you’re all panicky and don’t know what to do.  Now you need to find someone to take over your lease ASAP!  Where can you find someone like that? Not easy.
Immediately you get in front of your computer and begin Googling “how to find someone to take over my lease” and you come across who deals exactly with these types of issues.  Take Over Lease can help you get out of your lease within a 14 day period – guaranteed!

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