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Short Term Lease Rentals Done Professionally



Short Term Lease Rentals Done Professionally

By Anna Lexington April 28, 2014
  Pittsburgh, Pa – Locally located company with an all 50 US State presence has taken the apartment lease takeover and short term lease rentals to the new level at the most affordable price ever. The company is operating in every State since year 2013.
Take Over Lease is tailored towards the folks that are looking to break their lease and most importantly, to help them do it legally. Many people these days still don’t understand that they are signing a legally binding agreement with their landlord for a 12 month lease. If a tenant does not satisfy the terms of the lease and leaves the premises in the midst of it, then the landlord will most likely charge a termination fee equivalent of a 2 months rent, as well as a forfeiture of a security deposit.  It could certainly get very costly.
When a new client fills out the Questionnaire form at and make s a one time payment, he or she is guaranteed to have a new tenant found, approved and lease transferred – all within a 14 day period. Most realtors won’t even offer such a speedy turnaround.
About TakeOverLease (
TakeOverLease is a full service lease management company specializing in lease breaks and short term lease rentals all over the US. Company guarantees 14 day turnaround period for apartment lease to be fully reassigned.

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