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Are you wondering how to find someone to take over your lease? Many people find themselves locked in a lease which they want to exit for one reason or the other. We understand taking over your lease is not an easy process. Not to mention, many lease companies will not be able to help you find someone and if they do, they will charge enormous fees for this type of service. is the leader in lease transfers and can help you exit your apartment lease early by suing targeted marketing of your apartment lease to tenants seeking a short-term lease assumption or lease transfer. Our aim is to help find someone to take over your apartment lease, while providing an unmatched level of customer support. How to find someone to take over your lease? started with the understanding that people often need to get out of their apartment lease early and thus need to find a new renter to take over their existing lease, provided their landlord allows it. We have partnered with some of the best local and national marketing companies to get the maximum exposure for your apartment to hundreds and thousands of people in your area.

If you are wondering how to get someone to take over your lease, we are here to help! At, we know exactly how to match people in need to get out of lease with the people looking to take it over. Your apartment will be advertised until you’re no longer liable for it. The key to the success of our unique advertising concept is not just to promote your apartment in different areas, but more significantly, to direct maximum traffic of qualified leads to view and inquire about your apartment. Exit Your Lease and Protect Your Credit Rating. For several different reasons, renters want to have someone to take over the lease of their apartment, but regardless of the reason, it is always a difficult situation for both the renter as well as the landlord. Whether you have to take on a roommate, relocate for a job, or move for any other purpose, taking over your lease should be done with proper care and planning.

Essentially, lets users transfer the lease from one renter to another, while bringing more ease to the lease breaking process. With our advanced network and professional advertising, we are able to get the job done, as efficiently as possible. Considering how to find someone to take over your lease? Feel free to contact us today and we will help you save money getting out of your apartment lease. To get started immediately, please fill out the questionnaire form below.

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