Blog Post How To Successfully Move Into Your First Apartment Without Disappointments

How To Successfully Move Into Your First Apartment Without Disappointments



How To Successfully Move Into Your First Apartment Without Disappointments

Are you about to move into your first apartment or relocating to a new one? You may have signed the lease, waiting for the day to successfully move into your first apartment without disappointments, but the question remains; are you ready to move into the new apartment? Below are important tips to help you when moving into a new apartment.
  1. Having The Basic Items In Place
Although it takes time to fully set up a home, there are a few things that are necessary to be available from the beginning; this may include a shower curtain, shower rings and other shower products which you can use to refresh yourself after a long day of moving-in activities. Other basic items include soap, towel, toilet paper, and garbage bag or trash bin.
  1. Make Sure the Utility Is Set
Before the scheduled day to move into your new apartment, make sure the apartment is actually set for moving in. Make sure you contact all utility companies ahead of time and that the accounts has been changed to your name; such as for electricity, water, gas, etc. If you procrastinate until the last minute, before trying to make sure the apartment is set, you may not be able to move in on the target date.
  1. Make Sure the Moving Truck Is Set
Also make sure you arrange for a moving truck, such as U-Haul or have an understanding with a moving company in advance – these will help you move in successfully.
  1. Update Your Post Office Address
Before moving into you new apartment, ensure that your post office address is changed to your new address in order to receive mail at your new place. Notify your bank, credit card providers, mobile phone provider, and every other entity you do business with.
  1. Complete a Walk Through
As soon as you receive the key to the apartment, make sure you do a walk through. Apartment management will probably give you a form outlining the things that should be examined, but you can also get the general version online. Make sure you comply with the stipulated time to complete the form as written in the lease agreement. Doing your walk through depends on the community. The type of community would determine whether you should walk alone or in the presence of a representative. The move-in form helps you know the state of the apartment when you move in, and this will protect you from bearing responsibility of any damages that have existed before you moved in. Make sure you are very detailed with describing and noting the condition of all the items inside your home.
  1. After You Move-in, Furnish Gradually
Furnishing your apartment to your taste is a gradual thing; it is not something you should do in a hurry. Therefore, after moving-in, it could take a couple of months before you finally furnish your apartment. As long as you have the basics in place, you can continue with the furnishing, as time goes on. Feel free to call TakeOverLease at 1-800-895-2550 anytime in the day for more information, or contact us through the message box.  

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