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“I was able to avoid paying 3 months of rent and forfeiting my security deposit by using takeover lease. They found me new tenants within two weeks and it was such a relief to get it done. They will keep communication with you throughout the whole process and all of the potential applicants are pre-screened, so that you don’t waste your time on someone that will get rejected by your landlord”

Casey L. from Lakewood, OH 08-13-2019

“I will admit, I was little skeptical if Take Over Lease would be able to find someone to take over my lease. Took Paul about 11 days to find a well qualified and sincere person to take over my lease.”

Alexander Y. from Los Angeles, CA 07-02-2019

I tried getting someone to take over my lease myself but had no luck. Than got connected with TakeOverLease, and boom within a few days someone signed on the dotted line. They did let me know in some cases it may take longer depending on different things, but that was not the case. It was literally less than four days. I’m thankful for the help and now feel free to make future plans for myself now that I am no longer stuck in a lease. The money I paid was nothing compared to what my complex wanted to charge. So it saved me money and a headache. I’d definitely recommend !!!!!!

Betty B. from Phoenix, AZ 06-19-2019

I highly recommend Take Over Lease if you are looking for professional and reliable services to find prospective tenants to take over your lease. As busy as I was with transitioning to new job, upcoming wedding, new home, and professional development, there was absolutely no way I had time to search for people to take over my lease. It was definitely worth the money. Thank you!

Lam L. from El Paso, TX 01-09-2019

I was a bit hesitant to sign up since I was not sure it would really work. But the fee is so worth it. After having tried to advertise on Craigslist, Facebook and other multiple forums, and having had no luck, I spoke to Paul. He found me a tenant to take over my lease within a week! He also followed up to make sure everything was signed and done. Saved me from paying rent and mortgage! Cannot recommend enough.

Deepa V. from Hackensack, NJ


Before trying Take Over Lease, I experienced the pain of paying double rents for 3 months after a friend dropping out of takeover at the last minute. I’ve exhausted all possible channels (friends, rental websites, craigslist and local brokers) and trusted TOL more out of desperation. I have to say Take Over Lease does live up to it’s “hassle-free” service advertised. Paul contacted me the very next day after I submitted the listing and asked very detailed questions about the apartment’s conditions and offered his recommendations on giving incentives to rent it out asap. Then TOL worked with the landlord and leads directly. I only got involved at the very end stage. TOL promises a refund if the listing is still vacant after 14 business days and my apt was rented in 3 weeks.

I highly recommend TOL for anyone who got stuck in a lease – whatever TOL costs you is way much cheaper than the potential rent loss, more importantly the loss of your time and energy dealing with the issue.

Han L. from San Francisco, CA 03-04-2017

I can’t say enough about this company. My wife and I needed to get out of our lease and it was going to be expensive to buy it out. Thankfully, we found this company and took a chance with them. When you are ready to get out of your lease, hire this company!!! Within 48 hours they had 3 potential tenants who wanted to view the apartment. We had to cancel the third showing because the second showing took over the lease within 24 hours. Be ready to move out because Take Over Lease will find someone fast. They saved us stress and a nice chunk of change. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!

Dylan S. from Denver, CO 10-17-2016

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