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“I started googling online to see who could help us and I came across company called TakeOverLease.us. They did more than we expected and their service fee was surprisingly low.¬† Our kids are truly enjoying running around this new house now, all thanks to Take Over Lease! ”

Justin Orenba.

“I travel a lot for my work and I don’t have the time to talk to all the people that want to see my place. I need someone to take this burden away from me and I was willing to pay Take Over Lease their ridiculously small fee. They were fast like lightning! Boom! Boom! And my lease was turned over to someone else! I’ve personally never heard of Take Over Lease before, but man, they were awesome!! I even sent them a ‘thank you’ card.”

Cindy Papela
Financial Analyst

“I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of service and how fast they found a student named Amanda, who was an excellent sub-lessee, she made all payments on time and kept my apartment in very clean condition. All I wanted to say is thanks to Take Over Lease. You helped me save $3000 over a 4 month period.”

College Student

“I know that breaking the lease is not an option and I very well know that blemish goes on my credit report…so, one of my friends recommended me to contact Take Over Lease to see if they can help me.. Well, guess what..in just 4 days after i hired them, they found me someone who took over my lease and within 2 weeks I was flown to San Diego, as planned….So, Cheers to Take Over Lease! You guys know what you’re doing!”

Sam Hayes
Software Engineer

My Wife and I are SO thankful for the services we received from TakeOverLease. After getting a new job, we had to relocate within a few weeks; the only problem was we had two and a half months left on our apartment lease. If we couldn’t find anyone to replace us it¬†would mean we would be liable for over $3,000.00 of rent on our unit! After applying for TakeOverLease.us we were contacted by Paul within 24hours letting us know he would do everything in his power to find us a subtenant. We couldn’t believe it when he was able to schedule a viewing of our apartment only THREE DAYS LATER. This candidate was highly qualified with excellent credit. We were able to sign away our lease, move-out by our deadline, and begin the next chapter in our lives. Thank you TakeOverLease!!!

Zachary Mink
Small Business Owner, Irvine, CA