Blog Post Why college students cannot simply break a lease?

Why college students cannot simply break a lease?



Why college students cannot simply break a lease?

Hundreds of students all over the country happily cosign for their son or daughter to live in an off-campus apartment housing.  Parents always want their child to have the best and closest location to college, so that they will not be experiencing any inconvenience while they concentrate on their studies.
When parents cosign 12 month leases, they presume that their child will be living at the apartment throughout this term.  Unfortunately, there are various consequences that might change during the interim and a student will need to get out of apartment lease.  
Most Common Reasons why students tend to get out of their apartment leases are:
  • Roommate situation is not up to par
  • Change of college location
  • Wish to drop out of this school year
And here comes the time when both students and their parents refer to the leasing agreement that they had signed months ago and unfortunately face a harsh reality.  Their leasing agreement states that they are not able to break their lease by any means.  They are also not allowed to sublet it.  The only way out of the lease would be to find a qualified tenant who would take over the existing terms of the lease.  
More often than not, it puts many students into a bind and they face issues finding such tenants. specializes in finding such tenant and can help any student all over the country in getting out of their lease legally.

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